The changes in the finance industry and the tech industry follow each other in a record pace. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in Europe in this transition. Aptic has the ambition to support this transition as a front runner with innovative products based on the latest technological insights. As a country manager, I am looking for the connection in the challenges for Dutch companies and the possibilities of the fintech solution of the APTIC ARC credit management platform.

I have extensive experience in credit management and financial services. Both as a customer and as a supplier and know the APTIC ARC platform from a customer perspective. I am looking forward to working with our current and future customers to find the right solution for credit management opportunities and challenges.

Telephone +31 (0)6 2502 1000


Knut Eirik Storsul

Adm. dir., konsernsjef

Mari Bødal

Country manager Norge

Finn Larsen Dahl

Chief Commercial Officer

Rick Terra

Country Manager NL

Sara Gustavsson

Produkt- og prosjektsjef

Patrik Steen

Salgs- og markedssjef

Fredrik Ekengren


Rune Steinberg

Director of development