May 25th has passed and GDPR is in force, but not yet enforced. Most companies have mapped data and updated the privacy notice so what now? Aptic together with ICONFIRM invite you to this webinar to give you practical tips how to comply with GDPR.

  • How do you control personal information in all business processes in relation to contracts, legal ground or consents over time?
  • GDPRs accountability principle requires documentation of continuous compliance. What will the requirements be and how to do this in practice?
  • Do you need a citizens’ driven online solution to present and manage consents?
  • How to handle citizens’ rights internally and across value chains.

ICONFIRM is a company dedicated to data privacy. During this webinar we will share insight and present practical solutions to common challenges to ensure a sustainable process to comply with the regulation. If you want to discuss and get information before the seminar, please feel free to contact Christian Butenschon to set-up a meeting.

We encourage you to share this invite to anyone with the role or responsibility within this area.

You will receive information how to join the seminar a couple of days before the 22nd of August.