GDPR within Aptic ARC – an introduction

Date: May 7

In this session we will explain how support for GDPR is implemented in ARC. We will show you how to work with the regulation from the user interface.
In the end of the webinar we will answer the most common questions.
After registration we will send you the link to the online webinar a couple of days in advance.

GDPR within Aptic ARC – Setup

Date: May 7

In this training we will inform you on what settings are needed for ARC to follow the GDPR. This session contains information on settings made via user interface, database and overview descriptions regarding integrations.
We highly recommend that you participate in the GDPR Introduction before you join this training.

Service definitions

Date: May 16 and Sep 4

What are Service definitions?
● How to create a basic service definition
● XML output
● Internal output ● Types of Service definitions
● Types of Steps

Training fee: 950 SEK/person

Client Web 2.0

Date: Sep 19 and Sep 27

How to use Client web 2.0 from a client perspective.

● Overall functions such as register invoice, payments and search.
● How to get reports.
● How to communicate with the solicitor.
● Answer user questions list.
● Access settings in ARC Client

Training fee: 950 SEK/person

Contact for registration information. The Webinars are designed for Aptic ARC customers.